Status: Available for adoption

Location: Albania

Sex: Female

Breed: Hound mix

Age: 4 months old

Weight: 10 kg

Veterinary care: Vaccinated, Dewormed.

Likes: Runs, toys, playing with dogs and people, loves walks and food. She loves training too!

Dislikes: Car rides, staying for to long without activity.

Caña has been growing up quickly to become a wonderful well-behaved dog and of course a beautiful girl! 🥰
Caña is a masterpiece dog that makes us both so proud as her handlers and trainers for the last 2 months here at Dog Coaching Center.
She has this unique behavior with dogs, but also humans. Easy to handle on a walk, or hike. She is a fast learner and a good listener. However this little girl is full of puppy energy to explore everything around her, so a family with the willingness to handle this puppy behavior is required. Most importantly Caña is always happy.
If you know of a good person or lucky family that is looking to adopt a rescue dog like beautiful Caña, already trained and socialized, let them know they can contact us anytime. 🐾❤️

Caña has unlimited potential to be the perfect family dog. She is great around children and other dogs. Hasn’t been tested with cats, but we believe she would enjoy being around a cat. This is a dog that can make anyone happy, but with the right match, she could really complete a family and make a house a home!

Her food and toy drive makes her a great candidate for an amazing obedient dog that you can even practice obedience sports in expert levels. She is still very young to learn and what is amazing is that Tesla focuses very quickly on positive reinforcement.

A few interesting facts:

  1. I would do best in a structured and active pet home, familiar with dogs and can safely be around children.
  2. I would be a perfect walking/hiking/running companion and would love to be the center of your attention!
  3. I am a puppy, and I play like one. This makes humans laugh!
  4. Us hound breed dogs are a working breed, so I have a very high energy level. This mean I do require daily exercises and challenges.
  5. When I trust you I love to look in your eyes while you massage my face.
  6. I am still learning about the new things this human world has, like cars, or other city stuff, so when I get scared I would need someone to redirect me.
  7. I have no separation anxiety, so when I am left alone, I would love to sleep in my crate.
  8. No one has tested me with cats, but I believe I can befriend any cat.
  9. I await very excitedly my flight to an adopting family to the USA or anywhere else in the world.

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