Status: Available for adoption

Location: Albania

Sex: Male, Neutered

Breed: Hound mix Labrador

Age: 7 years old

Weight: 22 kg

Veterinary care: Vaccinated, Dewormed, Neutered, Microchipped.

Likes: Runs, toys, playing with dogs and people, loves walks and food. He loves training too!

Dislikes: None that we know.

TEDDY is looking for a forever family ! ♥

Teddy, this 7 years old mix breed with an average body of 20 kg, is looking for a forever family. He has a very loving character, playful and faithful.

He likes to cuddle with everyone, play with kids and other dogs, but hasn’t been tested with cats.
You will find a smart and focused dog in him.

He adapts good to new environments, so having a yard or an apartament is fine.
Teddy is always happy, and so he can make your life even happier.
We don’t want to mention his miserable life he had in the past, but we believe he will find a great home!

We’re so proud of Teddy. This dude is resilient as hell. He’s going to make the best adventure buddy for his forever family.

• Crate Trained
• House Trained
• Leash Trained

Teddy is waiting for you! ❤️

A few interesting facts:

  1. I would do best in a structured and active pet home, familiar with dogs and can safely be around children.
  2. I would be a perfect walking/hiking/running companion and would love to be the center of your attention!
  3. I am not a puppy, but I play like one. This makes humans laugh!
  4. I am a mix hound breed dog, so sometimes I have a high energy level. This mean I do require daily exercises and challenges.
  5. When I trust you, I love to look in your eyes while you massage my face and my butt 😛 .
  6. I have no separation anxiety, so when I am left alone, I would love to sleep in my crate.
  7. No one has tested me with cats, but I believe I can befriend any cat.
  8. I await very excitedly my flight to an adopting family anywhere in the world.

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