Status: Available for adoption

Location: Albania

Sex: Male, Neutered

Breed: Black Great Pyrenean

Age: 2 years old

Weight: 41 kg

Veterinary care: Vaccinated, Dewormed, Neutered, Microchipped.

Likes: Running, Dog toys, playing with dogs and people, loves walks and food. He loves training too!

Dislikes: Being shouted at; Reaching for his food while he is eating.

Tiago is a 2 year old, 41 kg boy that is happy, beautiful and affectionate to people and other dogs.
He belongs to the breed of Black Pyrenean Mountain Dog, also known as The Great Black Pyrenees dog.
This gentle giant loves to go for walks and his favorite think to do is exploring new areas with his guardian. For a big dog he is very manageable and doesn’t pull on the leash. Tiago likes to walk faithfully on the same steps as you.

This cute big bear is housebroken and will wait until you take him out to do his business.
He has wonderful house manners and current lives with a pack of dogs, big and small ones. He likes all of them but his favorite is our Pitbull mix Junior.
He is crate trained and at night his favorite spot is of course his crate. Tiago has a very high food drive and likes to work for food. Food is also his biggest challenge as he needs management around it. We implement a place command or some crate time while we are eating, so he doesn’t get emotional. Being big and powerful, for safety reason, his meals need to be fed in the crate, to avoid any incidents with food, as we have been managing possible resource guarding issues this breed has.

Depending on your local laws, Tiago can walk on a muzzle if required, since he is muzzle trained. We have often used the muzzle on him to desensitize in Vet Clinics, Groomers, busy city areas ect.

Tiago knows basic commands, especially the recall! He is very affectionate and loves to be in the same room with people and other dogs. Tiago can stay alone and sleep in the crate even for 6 hours at a time and he is never destructive.
Tiago’s perfect home would have another friendly dog, but for an inexperienced family, it would be better as an only family dog. He can be friends with your neighbor dog and play/walk together. He likes to run and play outside so a fenced yard is required. Living in the countryside might be better, since the city might limit his potential as a country dog.

Tiago is so sweet and easy to care. He is looking for a forever family ❤️

More about Tiago
Good with Dogs, Good with Kids, Good with Adults, Requires a yard, Crate trained, Muzzle trained, Obedient, Playful, Affectionate, Eager To Please, Intelligent, Energetic but also sleeps a lot.

A few interesting facts:

  1. I would do best in a structured and active pet home, familiar with dogs and can safely be around children.
  2. I would be a perfect walking/hiking/running companion and would love to be the center of your attention!
  3. I am not a puppy, but I play like one. This makes humans laugh!
  4. I am a mix hound breed dog, so sometimes I have a high energy level. This mean I do require daily exercises and challenges.
  5. When I trust you, I love to look in your eyes while you massage my face and my butt 😛 .
  6. I have no separation anxiety, so when I am left alone, I would love to sleep in my crate.
  7. No one has tested me with cats, but I believe I can befriend any cat.
  8. I await very excitedly my flight to an adopting family anywhere in the world.

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