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Dog Walking and Coaching

Dog Walking and Coaching Tirana started with a dream: to offer the best care and a better understanding of what your dog needs. And today it’s a dream come true! Dog Walking and Coaching was born of course in Tirana, but actually started many years ago as a dog rescuing/adopting program. We often offered our home as a foster place, mostly for cats and we are happy to say that all the cats we had and some dogs in our care were all well behaved and happily adopted! Now, following the same goal, we are working on reaching out to as many dogs possible, by enhancing the living conditions, relieving various anxieties and improving the overall communication between man and dog.

All this hard work came together to fund our Dog Residence, a place of happiness for owners to bring their good dogs for day care, a cage free hotel, behavior rehabilitation and basic training classes for puppy or adult dogs.

Dog Walking and Coaching is a totally trustworthy, reliable, extremely professional and very caring business. You can be completely assured that your dog will be safe, happy and very well cared during his walks / pet-sitting / coaching. If you wish, you can read a few testimonials of some of our clients.

Dog Walking and Coaching Tirana, Reconnecting the world through dogs


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