Ziko and Ulka

8 and 10 years of experience
Brief info

Both of them are rescues from the streets of Tirana. Like many stray dogs here, their past is not a happy one, which we like to talk about. However, here are some brief information for Ziko and Ulka.

Ziko used to be a neighborhood dog that was used to guard the parking lots. He was always barking and charging to people passing by. If you know Ziko today, you would not believe that this is a true story. He now is a little cute black sheep, who only likes to cuddle and sleep. We call him a cuddle monster. After being poisoned nearly to death and luckily recovering, we decided it was time for him to retire from the aggressive mode, to a calm state of mind. It was a real challenge of 2 years to rehabilitate Ziko to the dog that he is now. We are proud at the change he has been through and the sweet dog he has become. Our little black sheep is perfect with babies and is a real emotional support dog.

Ulka was found in March 2014 at the fields of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine where Kornelia was studying to become a veterinarian. She was abandoned right after giving birth; was scared; and having skin problems. Kornelia managed to bring her to Tirana to spay her and also start her skin cure. After a week when Ulka was ready to get back in the streets, it was impossible for us to let her go... so you know what happens next. UIka became part of our pack. She has always been perfect on communicating with other dogs, cats and children. Here at Dog Walking and Coaching, Ulka makes the evaluation of the new dogs that come in the residence. She respects the space of other dogs and always knows her place in the pack. Ulka is a perfect teacher for puppies who are not good at knowing boundaries and limitations.

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