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Aktivitet, qendrim dhe ushqimlearn more
Rezidenca jone do ta beje qenin tuaj te lumtur. Ne ofrojme 3-4 here here ne dite aktivitet fizik dhe psikologjik gjate qendrimit me ne; vakte me ushqim per qen; lojra ne grup apo individuale me stafin; dhe shume perkujdesje e dashuri
nga EUR20 / Nata
Aktivitet fizik, socializim dhe lojeralearn more
Zgjidhja me e mire per prinderit e qenusheve te cilet duan qe qeni i tyre te jete i lumtur duke u argetuar gjate dites. Ne ofrojme aktivitet fizik e psikologjik, socializim me qen te tjere miqesore, lojera ne grup dhe shume dashuri e perkujdesje
nga EUR190 / Muaj
Konsulta private dhe ne gruplearn more
Nuk eshte nje detyre e lehte te kuptuarit e botes se qenve dhe si ata komunikojne. Ndonjehere te duhet praktike dhe instruksione per te patur nje komunikim me te mire me qente.
nga Euro290 / Pakete

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    These people love what they do! And it’s a rare combination of hobby & work. I’m glad my Dandi is happy with you! And not only she ♥

    Aida & Dandi

    Aida & Dandi

    Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Customer

    My dogs are so happy with the service that Arber provides. I am so glad to know that they are well loved and cared for while I am at work. They have improved in health, attitude, and manners since Arber started walking and training them.

    Kimberly & Scott of Brutus & GB

    Kimberly & Scott of Brutus & GB

    Dog Walking and Sitting customer

    I am very glad i met you guys . Really responsible and trustworthy. My dog loves you and i always know she is with the best person to take care of her when I am gone. Keep up with the great work and let the people know more about pets and their right education.

    Ornela & Luna

    Ornela & Luna

    Pet Sitting customer

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